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Included in the Digitax range are printers, credit card readers, software and, the most advanced taximeter in the world today, the Digitax F1.

The most desirable taximeter on the planet! Sophisticated design with all the power and functionality of the F1

DIGITAX F1 TAXIMETER.  The ultimate taximeter - the most advanced taximeter in the world today.

DIGITAX F2 (RTC) TAXIMETER.  The choice for those requiring calendar control (pre-programmable automatic tariff change for Bank Holidays, etc).

DIGITAX F2 TAXIMETER.  For those who want the stylish good looks of the F1 but not requiring such a sophisticated meter, the F2 has 4 tariffs as standard with a 32 tariff option.

DIGITAX F3 TAXIMETER.  The F3 is a combined meter and printer, full calendar control. Simple to operate and the perfect solution for areas where printers are compulsory.

DIGITAX CREDIT CARD READER.  Credit card swipe for use with F1 and printers.

DIGITAX DUE PRINTER.  A smooth thermographic printer giving quality graphics with almost silent operation.

DIGITAX UNO PRINTER.  An attractive dot-matrix printer.

For further information please visit: www.digitax.net or www.digitax.it