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85% of all new cars are now fitted with air-conditioning

Manufacturers recommend A/C systems are serviced every 2 years

It need not cost a fortune to keep cool when the heatwave arrives!

An efficient air-conditioning system has a number of clear benefits for both drivers and passengers. This includes providing you with cool air on warm days, removing dust and pollen from the air and eliminating condensation, which improves visibilty.

Air-conditioning systems will tend to loose refrigerant over time as it leaks through the joints in components. This will cause the air-conditioning performance to deteriorate and just when you need that cold blast of air to keep you cool, it may not work at all. If you leave you car air-conditioning operating with low refrigerant levels more serious problems can occur with both air and moisture being able to enter the system.

Our air-conditioning service will check every major component of this complex system to ensure that your car's air-conditioning is operating at peak efficiency.

Our fully trained technicians can also fit a dual action pollen filter (for an additional charge) to give you maximum protection against pollen and polutants.

  • Checks system pressure and temperature
  • Tests air-conditioning system for leaks
  • Recharge system recommended levels
  • Replace oil, essential for smooth operation of moving parts
  • Visual inspection