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What do I need to take with me?

Please make sure you bring your locking wheel nut key along for your appointment. If you have locking wheel nuts fitted, we will need the key in order to remove the wheels from your car. The locking wheel nuts can usually be found in the glove box or underneath the boot liner along with the spare tyre.

Engine and Fuel System Cleaners

We believe in preventative car maintenance, that’s why we now stock a range of fuel system and engine treatment products offering motorists improved fuel economy and performance while helping to prevent future engine issues.

Replacement Bulbs

Ensuring your vehicle's lights are working correctly is critical for your own safety and also other road users as it allows you to be able to see and help others to see you.

A blown bulb will also result in an MOT failure, so make sure you check your lights before taking your vehicle in for its annual MOT test.

Replacing blown car bulbs can be a fiddly business, particular on some vehicle models where the bulb housing is located in close proximity to other engine components. Our experienced fitters can supply replacement bulbs suitable for your vehicle and fit these for you, saving you the trouble.

Fixed Price MOT Test includes a Comprehensive Safety Check